Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Friday, October 19, 2012

AVG apparently block some function in my blogspot

Ok things going back normal again after Nick from AVG send me a new DAT.
Thank folks, really appreciate any kind of help



Some minor problem coming after i finished updating my AVG Antivirus last day.
Everytime i opened this blog, it always come a pop up telling me that is a serious threat on my blog. And this automated threat block also make other function dont run well in my blog page, like the option to put my blog follower (friends), which is provided free by blogspot since long time ago and suddenly AVG think this one are a threat. I have two different browser and both of them coming with same result. Hope AVG could fix this minor problem in the future and not thinking some features here in blogspot as a threat.

The pop up alert  (click each pics for larger view)

As you can see the yellow line i had marked, before i update my AVG, everything going fine and every link in my blog i can opened without pop up alert, and on the top of my blog theres a tiny box showing how i could get in out to  my account (PICTURE: A).
Then after i did finished update AVG (see at PICTURE: B), i had trouble with missing box on very top of my page, see the yellow curved line i've made, and it always come a pop up like that.

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