Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Friday, November 2, 2012

Membuat "The Green Ruby Pumpkin" yang penuh efek

Sebuah pengerjaan apik dari Miguel Ortega Director and Creature Visual Effects Artist
Low budget tapi hasilnya bagus. Layak disimak khususnya mengintip apps apa saja yang dipakai disini.. Pembuat film serius harus belajar ini, biar tahu.

** anak stasiun TV yg alatnya rusak melulu gak perlu nyimak ini, gak mampu soale hihihi nyindir gue

Every shot has a visual effect of some sort, the only thing we built was a 12×12 deck and a 12×12 front porch wall and doorway. This was not because we wanted to be CG crazy but because we couldn’t afford to do it for real, ironically what usually inflates the budget to others is free to us but we couldn’t afford the most basic of props once we ran out of money.
EVERYTHING in the film is handmade when possible, the costumes, the props, the wallpaper is painted by hand with a brush because we couldn’t afford wallpaper, the picture frames were made of cardboard because we had no money for real frames. The only store bought props were the shoes, and the khakis outfits on our triplets. Even the statues on the wall were cast from cheap plaster molds and painted to look old.

The entire project was rendered on 7 computers, Running Maya for 3D, Mudbox for sculpting, Mari and Mudbox for Texture Painting, Vray for rendering, Nuke for compositing. A lot of shortcuts had to be used in order to manage our render times, including 3d projections in nuke, miniatures, and practical elements. The majority of the vfx work was just us two, however we had great help from friends on the rigging and animation side of things. We wanted to make sure everything you see on screen was designed and or fabricated by our team.

The Green Ruby Pumpkin

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