Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hijab or Muslim Veil ban law show a western hipocricy

The trophy of the dumbest government on earth should be hold on France because of the hijab ban law.

Here are some common points between a Hijabi Muslimah and a queen :

both are dressed modestly
a queen dresses modestly because it’s obligation for her to do so
a Hijabi Muslimah dresses modestly because she is obeying her Lord

both have high status
a queen’s status is raised the moment she inherits her title and crown
a Hijabi Muslimah’s status is raised the moment she puts her true crown (Hijab) to please her Lord

both should not shake hands with everyone
there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen
a Hijabi Muslimah don’t shake hands with strange men (non mahram)

both are respected
they bow down in the presence of a queen
True Muslim men bow their heads forward and lower their gaze on the presence of Muslimah

Both are proud
a queen is proud with her bloodline
a Hijabi is proud to be a Muslimah

Both are important
A queen is important in creatures eyes
A Hijabi Muslimah, as an obedient servant of Allah, is important in her Creator's Eyes

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