Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Baca Rules Sisi Kiri Dengan Cermat

Monday, October 22, 2012

SOLD : Vostok Automatic dial hitam KGB


Berapa banyak sih manusia dikota Jakarta ini yang pakai jam Rusia (CCCP) ? Bisa dihitung jari. Ada 15 juta manusia di Jakarta pakai Casio, tapi belum tentu ada 200 orang dikota ini pakai jam Vostok, Pobeda, Raketa dll yang asli buatan Rusia. Yes you are one of the few if you wear a Vostoc watch.

Why Buy a Russian Watch? 
Updated 4 Apr 2012 by Editor,

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a Russian watch.

They are outstanding value. 
Most Russian watches sell for between $30 and $300. Given that most Russian-made watches are good-quality mechanical watches, many buyers consider them a real bargain.

The quality is good. 
Of course, quality depends on the manufacturer. But most watches by Volmax and Vostok are good quality watches.

They look great. 
Russian watches generally feature bold, functional, modern designs. If you like diver, aviator or military-style watches, you will probably like Russian watches.

They are unique.
How many people do you know that have a Russian watch? Especially unique are watches that feature Russian lettering on the face. They're a real conversation piece.

They use mechanical movements.
Most Russian watches are mechanical watches. If you can appreciate the the beauty and functionality of a fine mechanical timepiece (over a battery-powered quartz watch), a Russian watch might be for you.

They are reliable.
Generally speaking watches built by Vostok and Volmax (which makes the Aviator, Buran and Sturmanskie brands) are durable, reliable, and keep good time.

They have a sense of history. 
Russia has a rich history of mechanical watch-making that dates back more than eighty years.

VOSTOK dial hitam KGB CCCP

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